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this isn't your mother's tarot!

but if you are like me, your mother didn't have anything to do with tarot... at all! that was something for witches or fortune tellers.  but my tarot is different. i can't see the future or predict outcomes, but i like to use the cards to help people find clarity in situations and manifest their goals and dreams by interpreting the images and stories these cards tell. there is truly magic in these 78 cards.

what's your question for the tarot?  you can ask it here!

Tarot Cards

when i turned 50 in 2018 i asked for a tarot deck for my birthday. i read that you weren't supposed to buy one yourself, it was supposed to be given to you.  but this is just one of many myths about the tarot.  the truth is, there is an incredible amount of wisdom in the cards that invites us to access something deep inside that we may have forgotten or suppressed.  the stories, numbers and figures on the cards encourage us to connect with our intuition and unlock insights that we might have otherwise overlooked. 

i prefer to do my readings in english.  but please feel free to leave your question in either german or english.  i look forward to giving you a complimentary reading that might offer the guidance you have been searching for. 

so, what question do you have for the cards? i try to answer within 48 hours of the request. 

What do you want to ask the cards?


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